Legendary debuts the world's first PPS technology based on USB PD AnyWatt™

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    USB PD as a USB-based power transmission solutions, carrying the future of low-voltage power supply intelligent household changes in the task. Will solve the current problems of many people's power supply interface, voltage and current standards are not unified problem, greatly reducing the number of global production and recharge the first volume, on the one hand beautify people's homes, on the other hand, can greatly reduce e-waste pollution, . For this purpose, and the technical architecture of USB PD, the company has released AnyWatt ™, a 20V5A, any voltage, any current, any power supply solution. Unlike most of the technical standards aimed at fast-charging mobile phones, AnyWatt ™ is aimed not only at fast charging, but in the entire secure DC-voltage smart-power application scenario.


图1  AnyWatt ™ Technology System Architecture


    At the heart of the AnyWatt ™ solution is the ability to program the distributor with an electrical appliance that optimizes the current and voltage required by the appliance in real time. This programming behavior, can be fast and dynamic, real-time intelligent power supply. Therefore, AnyWatt is a realization of PPS (Programmable power supply), based on USB PD standard protocol, without the use of VDM (Vendor Define Message). Fully compatible with USB PD2.0 / USB PD3.0 and future more advanced backward compatible USB PD version.


图2 AnyWatt ™ for safe voltage DC intelligent power supply applications


    The technical standards for open technology, detailed technical information can be obtained in the official website for free download.




AnyWatt™ Technology Specification