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    Legendary owns currently in the fields of USB Type-C integrated circuits, networking, intelligent hardware, fast charging technology, a total of eight patents have been authorized, and another 10 pending patents. All of the patents listed below can be retrieved on the query page of the national IP website.

First, the invention patent, Bluetooth device access method, this invention provides a natural extension of the Internet as a means of internet of things. It is the core of Internet of Things patents.

Secondly, an adaptive power supply method. The invention provides an intelligent power supply method which can decide the power supply voltage through negotiation, and is suitable for fast charging occasions, and is the core patent in the intelligent power supply field.

Third, the invention patents, mobile power and work status monitoring system and monitoring and management methods

Fourth, Type-C USB interface implementation circuit, the invention provides a USB Type-C interface to achieve DeadBattery mode implementation.

Fifth, the working state of the powerbank monitoring circuit, the invention is to design the powerbank supply as an intelligent hardware platform with support of the background cloud, and empowers the powerbank with social media functions.

Sixth, grip strength and grip force data monitoring system, this invention allows the human body act as a pressable mobile power to generate electricity, like a green and portable power generator. That is not only to exercise, but also is a green energy.  

Seventh, fast charge cable, A cable with multi-port connectors connects each of several adapters to provide powers together.