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    Legendary,is an innovative company, the core team has more than 20 years of experience in product design, specializing in mobile phone peripheral products, ASIC design products, including Type-C interface CC logic control chip, USB PD protocol control chip, mobile Power chips, and strive to provide the ultimate driving force for the design of products. Company to "integration of science and technology, arts and humanities, for people's lives surprise, extraordinary and caring" for the mission, invite all parties to join talents.

    Super artistry,joyful experience.Innovation, is at an unprecedented rate of subversion of our lives. This rapid change, its essence is hidden in the human genes in the creativity, in the mobile Internet and other underlying technology platform support, and the perfect combination of human nature, has been an unprecedented release. This is just a prelude to the stage, waiting for more wonderful to create the gorgeous staged. What are you waiting for? The world has given you the right to listen to your inner voice, you have no reason to continue the dull life in other people's ideas and creation. Legendary - born for your creativity.

    General Manager: Liu Xiaoling, Master, research direction for the application-specific integrated circuit design. He has served as analog design engineer, digital design engineer, research and development director, general manager of the company and other positions. Over the past 10 years, he has obtained 5 national invention patents (as the first inventor, patent certificate number: CN101825939A, CN101820257A, CN102355250A, CN102411994A, CN102693119A) and 15 utility modern patents, all of which are high performance numbers mixed-signal integrated circuit design Methodology and Systematics innovation patents. The cumulative sales revenue is of more than 200 million yuan, for the two consecutive years of 2008 and 2009. Legendary won the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Award issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Government;the certificate number: 2008 - a (production) GR0021 , 2009 - a (production) GR006. As the outstanding achievements in innovation, CEO, Mr.Liu is recognized as high-level talent by Shenzhen Municipal Government;talent certificate number: 20110713006H.   

    Based on rich innovation experience, Legendary technology has launched USB-C and USB PD chip and products by one year ahead of other other domestic IC peers, and continue to develop a new generation of products. In this area, Legendary Technology always maintains the advanced position internationally, and takes the leading domestically.