Current Integration Algorithm and Power Display Technology for Mobile Power Supply

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        Smart phones have become the center of human life, mobile power is the essential companion of mobile phones, favored by the market. But a lot of time, the use of mobile power will have a problem, that is, with the mobile power itself is no electricity. On the one hand the reason is to forget to charge the mobile power, on the other hand because the power display is not accurate, leading to a miscarriage of justice.

        Mobile power is not accurate because there is a reason, because the early mobile power by detecting the battery voltage to determine the battery power, and lithium-ion battery power and voltage, not linear correlation, but according to the different voltage discharge platform , There is a big difference between individuals. Moreover, with the use of the battery itself and the aging process, the same battery platform voltage is constantly changing. This results in the use of the battery voltage as the remaining power indicator of the algorithm is somewhat similar to the blind man feels like. Products manufactured before the battery discharge curve test, and then to test the curve written to the software. This approach is to torture software engineers on the one hand, each program, or even each batch of batteries should be re-adjusted once. On the other hand, it is also confusing to consumers, as, in general, the power indication from this practice is still inaccurate. Especially for fast-charging mobile power, because the charge and discharge process, the current is particularly large, resulting in no-load voltage and full load voltage of the huge gap.

        So how can we accurately display the remaining power of mobile power it? The answer is to integrate the current. Calculate the integration of the current into the battery at the time of charging, and the integration of the current into the time of discharge. LDR5409 series chip is the first in the mobile power industry to achieve the current integration algorithm chip.


Figure 1 Rapid battery charge and discharge process


        As shown in Figure 1, during fast charging and discharging, regardless of whether the battery is in a trickle charge, a constant current charge, or a constant voltage charging stage, the current value is obtained by a sampling resistor, and the current is integrated over time:


Q = ∫i (t) * dt


        Charge integration is completed, the total power QTOTAL, discharge overcharge, the real-time integral value is divided by the total amount of the current percentage of the total amount of electricity:


D = Q/QTOTAL * 100%


        And then in the mobile power supply comes with LCD or digital display on the D display, you can. Can also be wirelessly transmitted to the phone for display.



        As a mobile power master SOC chip with built-in LCD display driver and high-speed large-drive PWM output capability, it is easy to accurately display the mobile power. The market's praise. Has been upgraded to support QC and support USB PD high-power mobile power active chip version.

LDR5409 mobile power products built-in coulomb meter, digital display driver, power control



        Of course, just be able to accurately display the mobile power supply is still not enough. Because forget to charge, but also lead to the practicality of mobile power down an important reason. How can we get a timely reminder of the mobile power to charge it? A viable way is through the Bluetooth communication, mobile power in the lack of time, in a timely manner through the phone's active pop-up message to remind the user, the mobile power to charge up. Moreover, the mobile power supply can also be displayed on the phone APP, mobile power itself does not require a display driver. These features, LDR5409 can be achieved.