All human beings are actually the product of nuclear explosions - 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

You should know the Big Bang

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     According to the United Press Agency, the International Nuclear Campaign against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), established in Melbourne, Australia, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Today, many of us are horrified by the nuclear explosions, but we do not know that human beings themselves come from nuclear explosions. The sunshine that life depends on is the radiant energy of nuclear explosions. The root cause of everything needs to be talked about from the Big Bang.


     Before the Big Bang, there was a singularity, huge energy like countless springs are compressed together, highly ordered, highly tense. Suddenly, at some point some 14 billion years ago, the balance was lost. All the springs were falling apart and some of the springs tangled and interlocked with each other. But the particles are not necessarily stable because the locked knot is fragile and can easily collapse at random or collide with other particles to collapse and re-transform into energy - just like a large number of springs pop out.

     As a result, in a few microseconds after the Big Bang, the cosmic chaos and evolution of the particles began. After 10 milliseconds, the particles that have evolved and stabilized are gradually forming the so-called basic particles that scientists today call. Protons, neutrons and electrons, as we know them, are important particles that have successfully evolved and survived. They started out as hydrogen clusters and attracted, moved and rub each other until the pressure was large enough to begin nuclear fusion and the stars were born. Then the star began a lifetime of one-to-two, two-to-four doube-size speed of light nuclear to heavy nuclear fusion process.

     The fusion burns to the end, forming heavier and heavier elements, including the carbon and oxygen that make up our bodies and almost everything in the periodic table of elements. After burning out, the stars are dying, and some of the dead stars explode, throwing the multi-element material that makes up the world into the universe. The Earth was thus projected out 4 billion years ago and at some point was taken by the young star Sun. Through billions of years of evolution in the solar system, the Earth has become our world today.

Where does the energy of the big explosion of the universe come from? Is the Big Bang just happening to us, or is there a lot of parallel universes? Will the universe contract back after the explosion and explode again? If the universe is an infinite explosion and contraction, does it mean that our life will come back again in a big bang? Are there any superior life independent of the Big Bang to observe?

     All of these unanswered questions have being forming the pluralistic society, our diverse beliefs today.

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