Amazing Change in mobile phone Industrial, iPhone X supports Qualcomm quick charge?

C-FORCE one single fast charge cable connects the lovely couple of Apple and Qualcomm

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     Recently, the well-known consumer electronics brand C-FORCE launched a Lightning fast charging cable, is said to allow iPhone8 / 8p / x to support Qualcomm QC charge. It is a surprisingly big change, because the lawsuit has existed between Apple and Qualcomm continuously and constantly, the new iPhone suddenly burst out to support QC charging too, really puzzling. To this end, we specifically searched in Taobao "iPhone X QC fast charge cable", we can see more than one in selling this kind of cables, it is estimated that a certain solution provider cracked the secret, it will soon blossom everywhere.

  The fact is, or let the data speak. We use the iPhone X QC fast charge cable bought on hand to connect Samsung QC charging AC/DC adapter and iPhone X, about 3 seconds later, the charging voltage is rising from 5V to 9V, the peak power of up to 15.3W. It reaches the same performance of Apple 29W PD adapter on iPhone X fast charge. Of course, QC charging is actually up to 18W, and the presented power recorded should be limited to Samsung's AC/DC adapter power. In addition to QC fast charger, for the ordinary 5V2A charger, this fast charge cable also performed well.

C-FORCE快充线 iphonex支持QC充电

Figure 1 Using the QC fast charge cable and the Samsung adapter (with both QC and AFC functions) to charge iPhone X


     It seems that, through this cable, it is no doubt that iPhone X can trigger QC fast charge to accept fast charge. But the charging speed becomes fast on iPhone8? After we did a comparison of the results on a variety of charging methods, we got a clear the conclusion that the overall charge rate has little effect on iPhone8 no matter fast charge or not. Therefore, we chose IPhone X as the comparison object.  

C-FORCE快充线 iphonex支持QC快充

Figure 2  The maximum charging power by using 18W QC fast charging cable to fast charge iPhone X  


     As can be seen from the figure, using this QC fast charging cable to plug the full-powered 9V2A QC wall adapter to charge the iPhone X, the maximum charging power recorded is 17.1W, which is beyond the limit of iPhone X in non-fast charge mode Power 12W (5V * 2.4A). It can be seen, this is not a deceptive QC trigger to catch eye balls, but the voltage and power of QC really is experienced on the iPhone X.
     In addition to QC fast charger, for the ordinary 5V2A charger, this fast charge cable also performed well. We know that in the absence of iphone charging resistor configuration, the general USB type A charger can only achieve 5V 1A Iphonex charging. But with this adapter cable, you can easily go up to 5V 1.8A. According to the instructions, this fast charge cable built-in with power adaptive function, for those adapters its actual output power do not meet its advertised output power, once the output voltage is pulled down to 90% of the voltage at the empty load, it will re-negotiate with iphone for new charging current Until the charging current matches the actual output capacity of the charging adapter. Thus it can achieve the goal of protecting adapters and mobile phones.



Figure 3 Using QC fast charging cable to charge iphone8  


     So the question is coming. Some people say that is through the Lightning agreement, untied the
colored eggs of the iphone’s lowest layer driver. That is, Apple is actually prepared for iphone to support QC, but due to the concern of its reputation, it did not release it. Another guess is that the new iphone already supports 9V high-voltage fast charge, as long as the voltage is triggered out. What do you think?