Millet Notebook Charging Compatibility Test

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       Millet out of the notebook's news has long been popular, in-kind is long-awaited. We get a 12.5-inch version of the concern for Type-C features of our first look at the adapter and the computer's own charge and discharge specifications. The adapter is written on the specifications are 5V / 2A, 12V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 2.25A45W MAX, and in fact the communication protocol PDO packet, 20V this file is 2.20A, not 2.25 A.


图1 MIBOOK original adapter


Notebook computer body is written "input 20V 2.25A Max".


2 MIBOOK input parameters


       Connect the adapter and notebook, when the power is 69%, the actual test results are 20V, 2.0A, 40W power supply.


图3 MIBOOK original adapter actual charging parameters, the use of Legendary LDR-PD01 test results


       These are the most intuitive millet notebook charging and discharging characteristics. Here we analyze its characteristics.


       First, the output for the fixed line plus TYPE-C male. And Apple, as the TYPE-C adapter is different, millet notebook adapter, not with the Type-C female, but with Google is similar to the use of a fixed cable plus Type-C male way. For consumers, there is no doubt that hope is similar to Apple's approach. Because it is equal to more than one free to use the C-C line, in addition to charging can also be used to connect TYPE-C mobile phones, mobile hard drives and so on. However, for manufacturers, the fixed line plus TYPE-C male is a more inexpensive way. Because the fixed line output, the standard line end can not add Emarker chip, at the same time, the adapter built-in USB PD interface chip only need a single CC management, without dual CC and positive and negative interpolation judgment, the lower cost.


       Second, the output gear more special, millet adapter 5 file configuration, is currently on the market stalls up to one of the USB PD adapter. In particular, the first three grades of voltage corresponding to the output current is 2A, while the 15V file is 3A, 20V file is 2.20A. This is somewhat difficult to understand, according to common sense, the first three files only support 2A, there may be considered for line losses, can reduce the cost of wire, but it supports the fourth gear but 3A, means that the wire is 3A current is prepared. Therefore, in front of the third gear can also support 3A, but deliberately do not support, a little from the meaning of martial arts waste.


       Third, PDO transmission in different ways, millet adapter, not one up on the hair 5 files PDO, but the first issue of a 5V / 2.0A PDO, so that the other first work together, and then through the VDM to identify each other's equipment. And provides matching output power options. For example, hit the Apple Macbook, it will release 15V / 2A PDO, seems to be a warm man, to provide caring service. Of course, if the other does not appreciate, do not inform the PID, or PID does not know it, it will obediently release 5 files PDO to the. Strictly speaking, this approach is not recommended by the USB PD standard, because USB PD standard document which, in particular, give examples to deal with this situation, the core idea is to use get_sink_cap to get each other's real needs, rather than by pid or Vid to identify. In addition, this feature for DOCKING such products, but also a pit, because the need to receive adaptive PDO, the timely update to the PC side claims PDO, but DOCKING products may not be so designed, such as Apple's original TYPE-C DOCKING and Huawei DOCKING on the original pit out, and the admittance of Apple's official millet adapter DOCKING DOCKING or Huawei, is unable to charge MIBOOK. The LDR6023 DOCKING program has been the perfect solution to this problem. Can be perfect with MIBOOK and MI adapter work together to charge and output HDMI, U disk data transmission.


图4 Protocol Analysis Results for the Original Adapter for Millet, Obtained with Legendary LDR-PD01 and LDR-PD02


       The above is the main characteristics of millet adapter. Then the next step is to test the charge compatibility MIBOOK. Using Apple 30W, Google 60W, Huawei 24W, Microsoft 15W four adapters on the Mibook charge test results are:

       Table 1, notebook computer charging compatibility test


       From the test table can be seen, MIBOOK charging power to 40W, higher than the Macbook and Matebook, considering the battery capacity and charging power, in these products, the charging speed should be the fastest. Millet can point a praise.


5 Millet Notebook Charging Compatibility Test, LDR6021 Adapter Plus LDR6023 DOCKING


       From the compatibility point of view, Macbook and chromebook the best compatibility, any voltage from 5V to 20V can be achieved between the charge, followed by Matebook, 12V to 20V can be any voltage between the charge, and finally MIBOOK, in addition to 20V / 2A or more power supply can charge other than the other configuration can not charge. From the principle of analysis, Macbook and Chromebook as the world's leading product, power supply path management has a wide range of Buck-Boost, can be very good adaptive power adapter, Matebook internal Buck, no boost, it is not compatible with low voltage Charge. MIBOOK adaptability of the narrowest reasons, there may be multiple levels, a reasonable inference is that the internal battery is 4 strings, full voltage is 16.8V, internal only buck no boost, so can only use 20V charging. In the final analysis, in order to enhance the charging speed, and reduce costs, a moderate sacrifice of compatibility. The LDR6021 60W adapter used in this test, using the COOLMOS technology, only millet original adapter size 2/3, can be seen, small size, high power, high adaptability TYPE-C adapter, is the next kingly. In fact, the LDR6021 and LDR6022, as the core of the adapter, not only can output a fixed 5V / 9V / 12V / 15V / 20V five files fixed voltage, you can also Get_Sink_cap command to obtain the dynamic power supply needs, and with them Exactly the same PDO, to achieve 5V ~ 20V / 0.1A ~ 3A of any constant voltage or constant current output, based on USB PD intelligent power supply.


图6 Millet 45W adapter (left) with LDR6021 60W adapter (right)


       Through the above tests and analysis can know, millet notebook strategy is to charge speed for the first meaning, you must require the charger to 20V / 2A or more. Millet charger has been toward the field of intelligent power supply agreement on the exploration, I believe the future will have more fine out.