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LDR6282-Dual port USB PD Controller

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LDR6282 is a dual port USB Type-C controller with Display PortTM Alternate mode, especially
designed for USB PD Docking Stations with video output. LDR6282 is able to work as dual-role
device (Provider or Consumer). LDR6282 provides a complete USB Type-C and USB-Power
Delivery port control solution for notebooks, dongles, monitors, Hubs and docking stations.
LDR6282 can perform DP Alt-mode video out functionality and simultaneously enable
charging connected PD host once external power is detected. LDR6282’s Device Policy Manager
could negotiate power profiles with PD engine on Type-C wall adapter (source) and PD engine
on connected PD host (sink) then enable power charge-through. Charging dead battery mode is
supported as well.
The GPIO pins are available for port power detection, power discharge control, power switch
control, data switch control, or other special application usage.