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What is New?

picture 1,Support for HDMI output TYPE-C HUB chip LDR6023)

picture 2,USB PD adapters in bulk shipments LDR6021)

picture 3,Single TYPE-C port can be charged to put mobile power LDR6013)

picture 4,TYPE-C Interface Car Charger

picture 5,5V 5A TYPE-C interface fast charge fast moving power Please press this board to open the lowest cost PCBA 10 RMB)

picture 6,Digital display mobile power, with the amount of integration costs as low as 4 RMB)

picture 7,USB DP Voltage Trigger LDR-PD002 USB PD Adapter / Car Charger / Mobile Power Development Essential Artifact)



Chip model introduction






Chip characteristics
1、Support TYPE-C 1.1 interface standard, in accordance with the provisions of the contents of the agreement Try.SRC

2、Measured to APPLE's Macbook charging current of 2.5A, to GOOGLE's Chromebook charge current of 3.1A

3、Support USB TYPE-C adapter, support USB TYPE-C mobile power, single C port charge and discharge program


LDR6021 / LDR6023 / LDR6028



Chip characteristics
1、Supports USB PD 2.0 protocol specification

2、Supports DFP adapter mode for general-purpose USB TYPE-C adapter, 5V12V custom output voltage support、

3、Support RDP bi-directional mode, can achieve reverse charging HUB accessories


LDR5108 / LDR5109 / LDR5113



Chip characteristics
1、only 23 BOM to achieve 1.5A, 2.1A put synchronous rectification program; 26 BOM to achieve 2A charge, 2.6A put the program, the maximum efficiency of 95%

2、MOS charging, support side charging side, ripple is less than 100mV, full support for the new national standard in August this year

3、support TYPE-C 3A charge and discharge program, solar charging program, RGB light program, the first case free PCB LAYOUT and debugging





Chip characteristics
1、support 9-pin LCD display, compatible with the full range of PN, performance beyond the first-line brand

2、support 888,88,188,188 C digital display program, compatible with SOUYANG and KEZHI series

3、built-coulomb meter, no matter what battery, no charge and discharge curves, can be automatically matched 100% accurate display


June 2015 successfully developed TYPE-C logic chip LDR6013, the current 5V 3ATYPE-C fast-charge mobile power is now in high-volume production!

August 2015 successfully developed TYPE-C PD SRC LDR6021, the current 5V / 9V / 14.5VTYPE-C PD adapter is now in high-volume production!

November 2015 successfully developed TYPE-C PD DRP LDR6023, the current reversible charge TYPE-C PD HUB is now in mass production!

At the same time TYPE-C PD two-way fast charge mobile power is also small batch trial production!


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