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LDR6023-USB PD双口DRP控制芯片



LDR6023是乐得瑞科技有限公司针对USB-C标准中的桥接设备而开发的双USB-C DRP接口USB PD通信芯片。具有power negotiation数据包透传功能,切换数据角色功能,以及通过VDM协商让智能设备进入ALT 模式输出DP信号的功能。尤其适用于USB-C扩展坞和集线器应用。

LDR6023 is a dual port USB Type-C controller with Display port Alternate mode supported,
especially design for USB PD Docking Stations with video output. LDR6023 is able to work as
dual-role device (Provider or Consumer). LDR6023 provides a complete USB Type-C and USB
Power  Delivery  port  control  solution  for  notebooks,  dongles,  monitors,  Hubs  and docking
LDR6023  can  perform  DP  alt-mode  video  out  functionality  and  simultaneously  enable
charging connected PD host once external power is detected. LDR6023’s Device Policy Manager
could negotiate power profiles with PD engine on Type-C wall adapter (source) and PD engine
on connected PD host (sink) then enable power charge-through. Charging dead battery mode is
supported as well.
The GPIO pins are available for port power detection, power discharge control, power switch
control, data switch control, or other special application usage.


类型: USB-C(DRP)-显示器拓展坞


IC Part No. UFP DFP DRP QC Package-Lead Count DataSheet
LDR6290 USB Type-C台式/桌面显示器专用PD芯片 QFN28 4*4
LDR6023M-显示器USB-C接口控制专用芯片 ssop16
LDR6023C-手机音频转接PD控制芯片 ssop16
LDR6023B-Switch游戏机Docking控制芯片 ssop16
LDR6023A-USB PD Docking专用芯片 SSOP16
LDR6282-USB-IF PD3.0认证显示器控制芯片 QFN32
LDR6035-USB-C接口移动电源控制芯片 ssop16
LDR6028- USB PD 通信芯片 SOP-8
LDR6023-USB PD双口DRP控制芯片 QFN32 / SOP14 / SSOP16
LDR6013 MSOP10